Hi! My name is Dima (Facebook, Website). I live in Sunnyvale, California and work as a software engineer at Google. I love to travel and try my best to keep this block as a recording of my travels.


21 April 2018

I did not choose Houston as a final destination of the road tip because I wanted to see anything specific there, but due to its large airport that had direct flights back to California. My dad, who have visited Houston many years ago, told that there are nothing particularly interesting there, but I have decided to give it a try anyway.

First, I headed to downtown. The way there took me longer than expected because unlike in more rural parts of the state, the roads are not very well maintained and there are constructions that close significant roadways all over the place. Upon arrival to the downtown I strolled around a lot, looking at the local street art and skyscrapers. There are several cool design elements, in particular the fountain around the tram tracks that covers them in water entirely, but overall the downtown is quite dirty with lots of homeless people on the streets. Perhaps the cloudy,... ( Read full post and see all images )

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20 April 2018

We have arrived at the Hot Springs Mountain Tower rather late yesterday, so it was already close. I have returned here today in order to try to get up on it again. Near the tower, my path crossed with the Chevrolet Corvette club that was also in town in a lot of beautiful cars, of which I took plenty of pictures. After doing that I went up to the tower and enjoyed the view for several minutes (I could not do it for a longer time because it was rather cold up there).

Then we went on a hike on Got Rock Trail through the leafy Arkansas forest. Once we got to the rock, I decided that I did not want to head back on the trail and took an unmarked shortcut, which turned out to be longer than expected, but did open some more great view and eventually lead me back to the yesterday's second viewpoint. I used the vehicular road to get back to the car.

Then I went to bathe in the baths at the Quapaw... ( Read full post and see all images )

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